What is Champion Story Time?

We have gathered the most inspiring and
accomplished champions from various fields to share their favorite stories with your children. These are the real champions and heroes, who are here to inspire the future generation!

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Why Champion Story Time?

Basketball Champion Michael Jordan once said, “I never thought a role model should be negative.” At Champion Story Time, we believe that your son or daughter is a champion and needs to learn from other positive, successful, and inspiring role models. Our champions will take your child on a journey through books that will teach your children manners, and encourage them to dream big.

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invest in the future. help host champion speakers.

champion news

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  • "We need to encourage strong role models for our children and Champion Story Time does just that!"
    Holly Sorell
  • "This is a fantastic idea!"
    Julie Krieger
  • "I just love this!"
    Jennifer L Ellington
  • "This is what I LOVE to see!! Young people taking ACTION to better the next generation!"
    Monica Manthey
  • "Champion Story Time couldn’t be more timely, meaningful, or important to all Americans."
    Michael Giuliano
    Chairman of the Board of Advisors for Ohio Tactical Officers Association
  • “It is incredibly important that young children are exposed to positive, family friendly experiences and I could not be more proud of what Champion Story Time is doing.”
    LJ Fino
    President, Mailman Media